Designed and Developed by
Karan Desai | Wallfish Beta [TM]

Forca Goa Foundation

  • Client Name    Forca Goa Foundation
  • Undertaken At    Goan Football Club Pvt. Ltd.
  • Role    Art Director / Designer
  • Collaborators    Priyanka Kumble (Sr. Designer)
  • Date    August 2018
  • Project Type    Graphic Design, Art Direction

The Brand

Launched in 2017, Forca Goa Foundation is FC Goa’s grassroots football programme. It is a not for profit organization that focuses on grassroots programs to develop football in India.


The Project

I was asked to give a face to one of the largest initiative that FC Goa will launch to develop Indian football at the grassroots level. The aim was to integrate the identity with all the pillars that this foundation is built on. Football, empowerment and sustainability. The idea was to interlink these 3 pillars as they are interdependent and together they can bring the desired change.


Approved Logo Design



Logo Design Explorations



Iconography for FGF



Social Media Template & Visual Language



Social Media Template & Visual Language


Team FC Goa Foundation reached New York to participate in the Global Goals World Cup Finals.


On-ground visuals