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Karan Desai | Wallfish [R]
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UI Design
Wallfish provides you with more than just shiny buttons and nice looking banners. Design that talks about your brand beyond just a color a scheme. We will help you identify your strengths and display them in the most effective yet minimal route.
What are you going to call it? Let Wallfish help you with this and all the other questions that follows. Logo design, visual extensions, packaging, print and more. Having designed and art directed more than 30 brands in last 10 years, you are in good hands.
UX Design
Can you please make the button bigger? No, really! Let's design something together that everyone can experience and use. A good design is invisible and so is a good user experience. Wallfish will help your brand be more accessible and functional for web, app, print and more.
Web Development
Wallfish can help you develop your website which will be Scalable, simple, swift. If you're launching a new product or redesigning your existing website, we can help you with picking the right technology and lower your long term costs and time investment by automating processes.