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Karan Desai | Wallfish Beta [TM]
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UI Design
Contemporary to classic. E-commerce to blog. Each web design has its own needs. Wallfish provides you with more than just shiny buttons and nice looking banners. I am all about design that speaks volumes about your brand and goes beyond just a color scheme. Let's identify your strengths and display those effectively through a minimal route.
You've got a smashing idea or a brand new product but don't know what to call it or what personality it should don? Let Wallfish help you with it. Having designed and art directed more than 30 brands through the last decade, you can rest assured with me on your side, may it be for logo design, visual language, packaging, print or more.
UX Design
Ever heard of invisible design? Invisible design is the kind that functions so smoothly you don't even realise it was designed to feel so natural and intuitive. Similarly, I like to believe that even user-experience should be as invisible as design and so I ensure, may it be web or app, your user's experience is seamless and contextual.
Web Development
No two websites are the same! So, feel free to talk to me about your silliest and wildest ideas. May it be for you're new product or an existing website that needs a refresh. Keeping your and your brand's context in mind, I can develop a scalable, simple and swift website, using the right web technology and keeping your long term investments and costs in check.