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Posted in   Recall   by Karan on 20 Mar '21


My name is Karan Desai. I started my career in 2008 working as teacher at Meteor Institute of Digital Design Studies (MIDDS – Acquired by Frameboxx) in Mumbai. The subjects in focus were 3D Lighting, Graphic Design & Web Design. While teaching at MIDDS I grew fond of web designing. I wanted get more practice and exposure in that line of work so I joined Infomanav. A web design and development company in Mumbai. I was responsible to design websites and occasionally code front end and assist front end developers. My love of design grew even more when I was at Infomanav. I often was asked to design brand logos and edit images for the websites.


My curiosity led to to join an experiential unit called Integrated Experiential Services (IES) at Madison World. I joined IES as a Graphic Designer and was promoted to Sr. Graphic Designer in year 2. My responsibilities included designing 3D setups which would be used in the experiential brand activity for the campaign and design related marketing collateral.


I wanted try my hands at designing for events at a bigger scale. I saw a window of opportunity at Wizcraft and I took it. I was hired as a Sr. Design Manager. My responsibility was to conceptualize and design campaign look and feel for IIFA, Star Guild and GiMA Awards. Most of the time I was working out of the even venue which was quiet exciting.


I believe this was the point in time when I realized my itch to learn branding. But I lacked any experience to join any branding studio on Mumbai. I took the first opportunity I found to join a studio called ClearCom Global. It was a short sighted mistake because the studio shut down within 2 months and unfortunately no employee got paid for that last month and the owner went AWOL. Well, moving on!


A hiring consultant made me aware of 2 brilliant opportunities. One was at Salt and the other at Skarma. I decided to move forward with Skarma and see if they were interested in hiring me. I told them about not having any prior experience in brand design or packaging but I really wanted to learn. I was hired as a mid level designer to work with mix bag of projects. I was responsible for UI design, UX design and brand design. I was offered a Sr. Designer position in year 2 and was made responsible to handle a small team of Junior Designers.


After almost 5 years working at Skarma I was offered a job at FC Goa. One of the client brands at Skarma. At FC Goa I was hired as Sr. Design Manager. I looked after pretty much all aspects of Visual Communication. I was responsible for kit design, visuals for annual campaign, internal report designs to stadium branding.


In August of 2020 launched Wallfish. You can read more about the services I provide at Wallfish on Services page.



I’m currently based in Goa. However, I collaborate with people from all around India. Learning how to work remotely was exciting and now it being the new normal I don’t plan to turn around.