Designed and Developed by
Karan Desai | Wallfish Beta [R]


  • Client Name    vh1 India | Viacom 18
  • Undertaken At    Skarma (Agency)
  • Role    Art Director / Designer
  • Collaborators    Sruti Ashok
  • Date    April 2015
  • Project Type    Graphic Design, Art Direction

The Brand

Vh1 Supersonic is India’s beach music EDM festival. Conceptualized by Viacom18 and Nikhil Chinapa, artists from India and around the world come together once a year to perform live at this event.


The Project

The task was to design a visual language and a key concept that could pull together all elements of the Supersonic event experience. I designed a 3D world that integrated all the elements representing live music event at a beach. Using mixed media (3D and 2D) a 3D world was designed that would go on to be the key visual element on every hoarding, poster and communication medium used to promote the event. The 3D world concept was well received which went on the be the theme for the following year’s visual design (2015). This time the design had to be in sync with the stage design which was steampunk. So the world was designed with cogs and sparks in the center which represented a living machine forming the vh1 Supersonic logo.



Supersonic 2015

Supersonic 2015



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