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FC Goa Kits

  • Client Name    FC Goa
  • Undertaken At    Skarma (Agency), Goan Football Club Pvt. Ltd. (Brand)
  • Role    Art Director / Designer
  • Collaborators    Umesh Kumbhar (Sr. Designer)
  • Date    October 2017
  • Till Date    June 2020
  • Project Type    Graphic Design, Art Direction, Branding

The Brand

FC Goa is an Indian professional football franchise based in Goa that competes in the Indian Super League (ISL). The club was launched on 26th August 2014 and is owned by Goan Football Club Pvt. Ltd. headed by Jaydev Mody, Akshay Tandon and the Indian Cricket team captain, Virat Kohli.



FC Goa was one of the key projects during my tenure at Skarma. In 2017, FC Goa tasked Skarma with designing the club kit. I was stoked by the possibilities of this project since this was my first ever experience of designing a kit for a sports club and one that embodies the passion for football in Goa.



Home Kit : Plain and simple, V for Victory. Away Kit : Despite the clubs insistence on keeping it minimal, we were able to go forward with a classic stripe design that represented a flag of the Gaur Nation*. Forca Goa Foundation Kit Launch : Since this was the launch jersey, I wanted to ensure that the three colors representative of the foundation’s values of football, sustainability and empowerment were seen front and centre. Hence, the jersey was characterised with stripes of colors that went across the torso.

(*Gaur Nation is the term used for FC Goa’s extensive fan base.)



FC Goa Home (L) Away (C) Forca Goa Foundation Jersey (R)


Akshay Tandon – Club President (L) , Virat Kohli – Indian Cricket Team Captain (C) , Jill Ferguson – Former Forca Goa Foundation Program Director (R)



FC Goa Player Photoshoot 2017


In 2018, FC Goa changed it’s jersey kit colors from blue to orange since orange represents the cultural vibrancy of Goa. This shift marked a major milestone for the jersey design in the coming years. My idea for the jersey design was to showcase the transition of the colors. Hence, I used a striped pattern on the home jersey. You may wonder why the transition isn’t from blue to orange on the final jersey design. The reason behind using a combination white and orange over blue and orange was technical and conceptual. A transformation from blue to orange could cause confusion on the playing field if the opposing team were to be wearing blue too. White on the other hand made for a perfect blend with orange and offered unambiguous visibility for the player while on field. Keeping both the sleeves orange was also a decision made keeping visibility in mind. The color white was also representative of starting afresh, considering a new team was built and a new coach was signed at that point in time.


Home Kit : The transition. Away Kit : The club paid homage and showed allegiance with the work of Forca Goa Foundation wearing a white jersey with the signature stripes, however, with the club colours.



FC Goa Kit 2018



FC Goa Jersey Launch Event



Jerseys in Action


This year marked a major milestone for me, I was offered a full-time position in FC Goa as the Design Manager. My ambition of directly working with a brand that I had seen birth and grow was coming to fruition. I wanted to bring a few design changes in the visual communication. My approach for this year was to keep the visual communication minimal but effective. Through last 2 years of watching FC Goa matches in the stadium, one chant really stood out and got louder every game. “Uzzo! Uzzo! Uzzo! Uzzo!” which means “fire” in Konkani. The idea was to capture the vibrancy of that chant and bring it to life on the jersey in a minimal design. The home jersey was designed with a vertical gradient, representing the burning desire to take home the ISL trophy. This was the first time FC Goa wanted to try a different approach with the away jersey as well, so we went black and orange! The horizontal stripes on the away kit represent the fire seen on the horizon at dawn.



Home Kit (L) Away Kit (R)



FC Goa Players with Home Kit (L), Goalkeeper Kit (C), Away Kit (R)


Owing to the unpredictability of the year, we wanted to pack some heat and warmth in those threads. Kicking up a notch from the previous year’s concept, this was the year to go a little further and fan the fire of hope within the club’s fans and thus we launched the ‘Uzzo!’ jersey.



Home Kit (L), Away Kit (R)



FC Goa Players sporting the Home Kit