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Designing Fish Theme

Posted in   Tech   by Karan on 07 Apr '21

In the August of 2020. I decide that I wanted to design my own website. Behance portfolio was not really cutting it. I designed the ‘Fish’. My own WordPress theme from scratch.


I never really liked the Behance approach. And don’t get me wrong here, I love the fact that it is free and pretty much all tools that you need to make a decent UI, UX, Branding profile is available on Behance. What I didn’t like was the it is never truly yours. From the URL to the fact that there is so much distraction. A strict and standard approach that it asks you to fall in line. Other things that I’ll probably get into another day. I also explored options like Squarespace, WIX and other similar platforms. I did host my website on Squarespace for a while. I really didn’t like the pricing model and all the additional restrictions to where you need to upgrade in order to expand your website features.